There is no issue shipping to the USA whatsoever. There are no duties and there are no delays; we use shippers that include USPS, Fed Ex and UPS. Delivery is quick and shipping prices are always competitive.

Items can be removed at any time; they will be mailed back at the seller’s expense.

C3 is our Complete Comic Care program that can result in higher sales for your comic collection. ICE will take your collection on consignment and prepare your comic to be submitted to CGC in the best grade possible. ICE will submit your pressed and cleaned books to CGC for grading and receive them once books have been graded. We do it all. The Complete Comic Care program could bring you more for your collection.

For C3 pricing structure please visit the C3 Program click here

ICE will retain 10% of the total sale price as a commission on consigned items. ICE may list items on other selling platforms, any additional fees and commissions will be paid for by the Buyer.

Payment will be made within 14 days of the purchase being successfully processed.