ICE charges a consignment fee of 10% on ALL items listed directly to the primary ICE website or ICE's eBay page for DIRECT sale.

All consignment items through ICE MUST have a minimum listing price of $150 USD, otherwise the item will not get listed or be recommended for our Auction services.

eBay Auction

ICE Collectibles offers Auction services for both graded AND ungraded collectibles. ICE Collectibles charges an $18 USD minimum from all lots, regardless of final sale price. The fee structure for the auctions is as follows...

Graded Collectibles - 20%
Accepted Comics - CGC, CBCS, PGX
Accepted Toys - AFA
Accepted Cards - PSA, CGC, Beckket

Ungraded Collectibles - 35%

*Rates include eBay and payment fees

Pressing and Cleaning – ICE can provide you with professional, prompt pressing and dry-cleaning service, working with some of the best pressers and cleaners that Canada has to offer! See if you can turn those 8.5’s into 9.2’s today!    


Book Value (USD)

Price (USD)










$250,00+ Contact Us For Direct Quote!


CGC Submissions – ICE is the only submission service that will pre-screen your collection and provide you with a lifetime of experience and advice regarding slabbing your collection.

CGC Submission Tier

Book Value (USD)

Price (USD)

Modern (1975-Present)



Vintage (Pre-1975)



High Value (Pre-1975)



Unlimited Value

Recommended for books exceeding a value of $1000

$250 USD Minimum



*All Submission + Pressing/Cleaning Fees due upon submission of items 

*ICE will waive all upfront grading and pressing fees if the items are to be sold via ICE's eBay Auction services. Any fees will be debited upon sale of items, resulting in those fees being balanced against the final sale price of said item(s). ICE will also waive all upfront fees for these services if the items are to be sold via ICE Consignment. These fees will be collected upon the return of the item(s) from which professional grading service they were sent to.

*Please be advised that ICE will defer the immediate shipment of most items for grading until minimum shipping thresholds are met. Extra shipping costs will apply if submissions are sent through prior to meeting the minimum shipping threshold


Please email for more information.