Terms & Conditions

Return Policy

All sales of comic books noted as graded by the Comic Guarantee Corporation and sealed in the CGC protective plastic casing, or any other sales of comic books graded and sealed by a 3rd Party Grader, are final. No returns.


If you would like to sell you professionally graded comics, toys and cards or your original comic art, ICE is the clear choice. ICE is committed to bringing your collectible to the attention of a world full of buyers. Your collectibles will be features on our high traffic website and on platforms like eBay, Instagram, Facebook and more. All items sent to ICE must have a minimum fair market value of $95 US. You, the Seller, sets the price, but ICE does reserve the right not to list at prices it deems excessive relative to current market trends. All items on ICE can be removed at any time, they will be mailed back at the Seller’s expense. At any time the Seller may contact ICE to adjust the price of their items (provided it remains at least $95) or to request to withdraw the item from the site.

Commission Schedule

ICE will retain 10% of the total sale price as a commission on consigned items. ICE may list items on other selling platforms, any additional fees and commissions will be paid for by the Buyer.

Payment will be made within 14 days of the purchase being successfully processed.

All books submitted to ICE must be clear of any stickers before being submitted.